Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ok so truthfully how I am doing? Not good :( My heart still breaks over him and everyday I am faced with that hurt. IT really sucks and truthfully I dont think there are too many people who understand what I am going through. And some people dont even care how bad I hurt, like this one lady in particular I told her about what i am going through and I didnt even get a " I am sorry". I mean what is up with that? Truthfully I dont even care anymore. Why should I care about people who treat me like trash? Well I know the answer and that is I am a caring person, but what is up with people treating me so bad for and what have I done to deserve such treatment. I am so HURT and its like everyone is like " Ok time for you to move on". When truthfully I do miss Tim and I miss him bad. Before the whole lets call off the engagement thing, everything was perfect. I mean he accepted me for who I am, never one time did he tell me that I needed to change and he LOVED me. But now I am faced with the what if there is no one better, what if he was the best I could do? No one remotely knows how everyday I think about him and how I still have feelings for him, how I have to fight back tears on a daily basis, how I wonder if he was faithful to me, and the big one.....DID HE REALLY LOVE ME? Everyday I think about these questions plus other ones that I just choose not to post on here.

This sucks so bad, when everyday I hear something about a wedding or I get asked you dating someone, you have a husband and so on and then I get to give the "spill" on how I was engaged and he called me up and said " I NO LONGER WANT TO GET MARRIED", how yeah that is so much fun!!!!!!! And then I hear the " I AM SORRY", " WELL THEIR IS SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOU" " YOU ARE BETTER THAN HE IS" and so on. You know what I need, is someone to listen to me and let me get this off of my chest.

Well I am going to go for now......

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