Saturday, September 12, 2009

no more wedding

Well I no longer get to plan a wedding :(

Early this morning Tim called me and told me that he didnt want to get married anymore. That we was rushing into things and that he was scared. And when i called him back later I was told that he felt smothered. That is how I was told that my engagement was over.

I feel so stupid for the fact that I let my guard down and this is what happens i get hit in the face. I feel humilated for telling people that I was engaged that now I have to tell them that I am no longer engaged. I feel hurt but mainly I feel stupid for going into bridal stores and looking at dresses and trying them on and wasting the bridal store employees time now. But mainly I feel stupid that I actually thought that i was getting married. I can't help but to cry cause i am that hurt.

How do you smother someone when you only spend a day or two a week with that person? I have yet to figure that one out. I dont understand how one day you are talking about getting married and the next being told you are smothering that person.

I let my guard down and this is what happens...

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  1. Don't feel stupid or humiliated. You're a good person. And if that is how he is going to treat you, to be perfectly honest, that's a total dick move & you deserve someone SO much better than someone who fears commitment & does this to you. Marriage is scary, it's a big deal, yes, but a mature & responsible person can handle those things. If he can't, you deserve to not waste your time & find someone out there who will show you the love & respect that you deserve.

    Sorry for calling him a dick, I know that's mean & that you care about him, but I'm angry at him & can't help myself. :)